Paid models?


We were on vacation last week and making our way down the Oceanside Pier toward Ruby’s Diner.  Just as my step-daughter said, “sometimes the pelicans fly right up next to you”, this one did. He (she) sat there posing as though it were his job and he was getting paid to do so. His gaze was so intent and he seemed so personable that I wanted to walk up and give him a gentle pat and introduce myself. Thankfully I’ve been around long enough to know that he was, after all, a wild animal and this would probably not be a good idea. Later, on the way back from the diner, two more pelicans were displaying their lovely selves next to a small gift shop. A sign had been set in front of them with the words, “Please stay back. We bite stupid people.”

I didn’t even notice the seagull behind him until I got home and viewed my photos. Seems like there could be a story here.

This image has been digitally tweeked a little bit. The original is the watercolor below.


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