Happy Chinese New Year!


January 28th begins the Chinese New Year. Here’s a special shout-out to Roosters everywhere! I happen to have a little rooster of my own, born nearly 24 years ago. He’s a Water Rooster to be specific, (this is the year of the Fire Rooster) but generally speaking they are presumed to be trustworthy and hardworking individuals. One thing I read, which surprised me, is that it is not necessarily good luck to be in the year of one’s birth sign. So to all Roosters, (born ’21, ’33, ’45, ’57, ’69, ’81, ’93, and ’05) tread carefully this year and take extra care with your health and wallets. (Special Note: Chinese New Year shifts around a little, so if you were born in January or February of these years its possible you’re not a Rooster).

This is an 8×10 oil painting I did using photos of the rooster from the Venetian in Las Vegas, and the scenery from the Chinese New Year celebration at the Bellagio as reference. I really should take more vacations. I get so inspired!

Go, Roosters!

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