Inktober – 7 Word Combo

     The cook was blind in the darkness, but able to hear the individual squeak of each rat as it climbed the walls searching a trail to salvation.

“You won’t find it this time, friends,” he whispered.

The ship gave a last, violent shudder as the sea bludgeoned it with her waves. She grew furious at his cowardice. He was the last man. She wanted them all.

She poured down the galley steps in a rage and found him trembling beneath the table – her last juicy morsel.

I had so much fun with this one! My daughter took a photo of me modeling the sea’s rage. So, I guess that is what I look like when I’m angry. Scary. I also had fun creating the narrative and getting all seven of the last week’s words in there.

I’ll probably do one more Inktober piece before the end of the month. Check back next Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by!

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