Nothing will make you feel better except –

First, Welcome back to my Wednesday blog!

Second, I like collecting quotes and these little words of inspiration (done in Procreate) are ones that pack a big wallop for me. I am trying to keep them at the front of my mind for the new year. I have this little piece printed out and hanging over my computer.

Third, one of the things on my goal list for 2018 is to write more. And who better to share those writings with than you? The following is a short bit for a writing prompt: What I remember about my first trip to the hospital: 

PineSol and Ipecac


    The morning had started nicely enough. I was probably four years old. I woke up before my parents and did whatever it is that four-year-olds do in the bathroom, in the morning, by themselves. The highlight of my daily, morning routine was the consumption of a Flintstone vitamin. This particular morning, my mom, the usual administrator, was still in bed and I was apparently feeling like a big girl. Admiring my big-girl self in the mirror, I popped one in, (let’s say it was a green Flintmobile), and watched in delight as my tongue turned green. WOWZA! I popped another one in, (most likely a purple Wilma). This was fun!

     I have no recollection of how many shades of color I explored before there came a knock at my kitchen door. My friend Patty had come over to play.

     “Come in here, Patty! You’ve got to see this!”

     In no time, we polished off the entire Flintstone cast, and went outside to do whatever it is four-year-olds do in the backyard, in the morning, with no parental supervision. 

     Before long my mother came tearing out the back door. 

     “Tracy!” (I can still hear the panic in her voice.) “Did you eat all of these vitamins?!”

     Well, actually I had help, but I was socially developed enough to understand that a person didn’t rat out their friend.

     I was immediately whisked off to the emergency room where I sat waiting to regurgitate vitamins that would have most likely just made me extra healthy, and learning to hate the smell of PineSol.

     If you’re wondering about Patty, I haven’t seen her for years. I hear she became a superhero.

Here’s a quickie bonus illustration. I googled Flintstone vitamins 1970 (there, now you know I was alive and four in 1970) and this is the bottle I would have emptied.

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