Logo/Home page design

Wow! Look at me! I finished something!

Below I share my progress. It took quite a turn from the original idea.

Now I’m second guessing myself.

Did I go too far?

Does the perfect design lie somewhere in-between?


Just move on, Tracy!

Original Idea

     Last Wednesday I talked about all the pieces in my studio that are unfinished. I’ve done some soul searching and the truth is that all of those unfinished things are driving me crazy. This morning I hid them from view. I left out my current picture book (a very large project), one large 24″x36″ painting that started beautifully and deserves my attention, and the flower shop in the rain that I shared last week. That’s it. That gives me flexibility to do what I’m in the mood to do, and helps me to avoid the dreaded OVERWHELM that tends to cripple me.

    Once in a while I see photos of other artists’ studios. Mostly, like mine, they are nicely cluttered with supplies, works in progress, books, etc.  If I’m honest, I think I might thrive in a very sterile, white room with only one thing on my art table and just the supplies necessary for that one project.

     Maybe I need closets! Or a white sheets to hang up all over the place.

     See ya next week!

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