Treehugger and proud of it

A mixed media tribute

I have this friend who lives in my backyard. I have no idea how old she is, but I’ve lived in my home for over 24 years so I know she’s no teenager. As I sat outside last Friday enjoying the beautiful sunshine and pleasantly warm temperature my attention turned to her, across the yard, her leaves beginning to bud as she wakened after a long winter. Half of one of her major limbs has died and when she flowers she doesn’t bloom as abundantly as she used to. She may be fading but my affection for her is growing. Each year I promise myself that I will spend more time sitting under her canopy and this year is no different. In the past I’ve talked to her, but never when anyone can hear and I’ve always been afraid to hug her and get myself carted away to wherever they cart people who have trees for friends. But no more. I am going to talk to her (out loud because how else can she hear me?) and I am going to hug the crap out of my little crabapple this year. Because getting carted off to a place where I would be with other people who talk to trees cannot be a bad thing.

Many years ago I sat my Raggedy Ann doll under her and did the above watercolor.

 And this piece has always been a favorite of mine.

And who wouldn’t absolutely love a friend who helped make these photos happen? (Yes, those are my babies!)

I didn’t realize until later, that Friday was also Arbor Day. I took a few moments to remember special trees of my childhood. There were several that I could think of right off the bat, some that I climbed, some that I played beneath, and some that were the bane of my existence when I was a kid (yes, I’m talking to you, Black Walnut Tree).

One of my favorite children’s books is – The Giving Tree by Shel Siverstein (clicking on the link will actually get the book read to you! You may want to have some tissues handy). And as I was working last Saturday at the library, I came across this book (another tear jerker):

It’s illustrated by one of my illustration heroes – David Catrow, (click on his name to check out his website) who I will be meeting in person next Thursday!!!!! Serendipity is happening all around me!

So, I’m thinking there’s a lot of treehuggers out there that are just in the closet. To be clear – I’m out.

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