My Shop

My own little shop! Unfortunately it only exists online, but if I’m being honest, the overhead is going to be a lot easier to manage. I am counting down the days to launching my new website complete with portfolio, shop, and blog! I wanted to do something cute for the “shop” button so here it is.

Last Friday I walked down Broadway, the main street of my hometown – Greenville, Ohio, to take photos. There are many adorable old buildings to choose from. My shop is a combination of a couple of them.

On Monday I got out my watercolors and a piece of 6″x6″ clayboard and did this:

It was cute but I thought the composition was a little boring. Here’s one of the great things about clayboard – Tuesday morning I held it under the faucet in my kitchen and washed it off! A little light buffing with steel wool and I was able to give it a second try.

For the final at the top of the page I digitally bumped up the contrast a little and added the lettering on the sign. Stay tuned for the grand opening!

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